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Why should we Respect a Woman?

“A Woman brought you into this world, So you have no right to Disrespect one” I truly support this quotation, because every living being in this world is just because of a woman. God gave us special abilities, like, to love, to understand, to express, to think, to observe, to imagine, feelings, emotions, and much… Continue reading Why should we Respect a Woman?

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Everyone carries a Heart

For every heart that got hurt… Hello guys, I’m back with a new post hopefully a better one, and everything else depends upon the love your shower. Note: People with deep feelings and emotions will easily understand this and the others need to concentrate a bit. READ TILL END. Yes, I’m talking about heartbreak. Yes… Continue reading Everyone carries a Heart

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An Oath for the Beauty…

And the irrelevant hostility suddenly turns into a set-out, a set-out which switch one’s life into a nightmare; An ACID ATTACK. Some pupils for their greed harm innocent girls and the worst part of this is the use of acid. I gave a full form to this, ACID – All Critical Injuries Distributed (among soft… Continue reading An Oath for the Beauty…