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New Year Resolution

Hi guys! So everybody is talking about their New Year resolutions. Fantastic! Have you thought of yours? Please let me know about it in the comments below. Note: Please Read till the End! New Year eve is widely celebrated and gradually it gained a lot of importance here in India. Most of people at the… Continue reading New Year Resolution

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Why should we Respect a Woman?

“A Woman brought you into this world, So you have no right to Disrespect one” I truly support this quotation, because every living being in this world is just because of a woman. God gave us special abilities, like, to love, to understand, to express, to think, to observe, to imagine, feelings, emotions, and much… Continue reading Why should we Respect a Woman?

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An Oath for the Beauty…

And the irrelevant hostility suddenly turns into a set-out, a set-out which switch one’s life into a nightmare; An ACID ATTACK. Some pupils for their greed harm innocent girls and the worst part of this is the use of acid. I gave a full form to this, ACID – All Critical Injuries Distributed (among soft… Continue reading An Oath for the Beauty…